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Professor Aurora Clark Aurora Clark Group

Dr. Aurora Clark


Aurora Clark received her B.S.  in Chemistry from Central Washington University in 1999. Working under the tutelage of Professor’s Ernest Davidson and Jeffrey M. Zaleski, at Indiana University,  she earned her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry in 2003. The focus of her Ph.D. studies  involved the derivation of new operators for analyzing wave functions to obtain novel spin properties. These methods were applied to the ground and excited state Bergman cyclization reactions, of interest in photodynamic therapy. Following her Ph.D., she was a Directors post-doctoral Fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where she worked with Dr.’s Rich Martin and P. Jeffrey Hay, studying f-electron interactions and the electronic structure of actinide complexes.

Professor Clark joined the WSU Chemistry Department in 2005. Her current research interests lie in applying multiscale computational methods to examine interfacial chemical phenomena and how condensed phase organization of solutes and solvent influence chemical properties and reactivity. She has received numerous awards including: WSU College of Sciences Outstanding Junior Faculty Award, the Hewlett-Packard Junior Faculty Award from the COMP division of the ACS, and  the Dreyfus Rising Star Progress lectureship awarded by the ACS. Research in the Clark group is funded by the Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, and the Murdock Charitable Trust.