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Department of Chemistry Aurora Clark Group

Group Meeting Schedule

For Spring 2018
Time: Thursdays at 1-3 PM
Location: Fulmer 432

January 18: Lelee overview of her codes, their applications and future work and analyses
January 25: Tiecheng biased MD methods and their application with Page Rank
February 1: David reverse Monte Carlo in fitting of various spectra
February 8: Dan overview of his project for EFRC and preliminary work
February 15 Andrew research update and overview of entropy stuff
February 22: Maxime teach us something new, wannier localization or VACF’s for vib spectra
March 1: Will 2nd round of DFT
March 8: Michael take home messages on his study on surfactant affects on interfaces and sensitivity to force fields
March 15: Ernesto teach us something new
March 22 Lance Jeff Morris, final research update
March 29: Lelee teach us something new, fundamental and related to your research
April 5: Bojana research update
April 12: David teach us something new and fundamental
April 19: Dan teach us something new and fundamental
April 26: Michael teach us something new and fundamental
May 5: Will proposed research

Group Resources

Computational-Methods Tutorial
Theory-Based Presentations
Programming Language Tutorials