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Department of Chemistry Aurora Clark Group

Computing Resources

We are investors in WSU’s centralized research computing facility and regularly write grants for computing time at national user facilities. A list of our current computational resources is below:

Lab Management

Our group uses a number of collaborative tools to support group members within their research. These include:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • GitLab

In addition, we have a best practices and policies and procedures manual to help navigate expectations and the practicalities of purchasing, reimbursement, and on-boarding for new group members.

Professional Development

Students and post-docs within the group work with Prof. Clark to develop a career plan so that appropriate professional development activities can be supported during their time at WSU. We focus extensively upon developing the communication skills necessary to be successful, and in networking and training opportunities that support the career plan.

Oral communication skills: All members of the group go to regional and national scientific meetings and their presentation levels adapt over time and as appropriate to their needs. In general, early career researchers begin by presenting posters and then progress to giving talks at conferences, while they give several internal WSU research presentations a year (at group meeting or as part of seminar series).  All group members participate in practice talks to support each other to become better communicators.

Written communication skills:  Writing plays an important role not only in the publication of peer-reviewed manuscripts, but also in grantsmanship and science communication. Within the group we have developed an internal peer-review and support system to help develop core writing skills. Students often attend writing workshops and we have a list of recommended activities for students that help support a positive attitude and best practices in writing.


The values statement on our Research page provides the underlying philosophy for how we treat each other as part of both individual and team efforts within the group. Getting a PhD and even working as a post-doc is a time of maturation and growth, with changing expectations along the way.


Introductions to Topological Data Analysis (part of the DELTA NSF project)

Computational-Methods Tutorial
Theory-Based Presentations
Programming Language Tutorials