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Department of Chemistry Aurora Clark Group

Group Meeting Schedule

For Fall 2017
Time: Thursdays at 1-3 PM
Location: Fulmer 432

September 14: Dan (proposed work for EFRC)
September 21: Andrew (Shannon entropy and his research)
September 28: Lelee (in-depth profile of interesting statistical analyses and concepts)
October 5: Tiecheng (biased MD methods, relationship to his PR work)
October 12: David (ion pairing in concentrated electrolytes – evidence across systems and methods)
October 19: Michael (relating experimental and theoretical measurements of interfacial characteristics)
October 26: Maxime (aggregation chemistry of Al; comparisons of basic versus acid systems)
November 2: Everyone should sign up for the professional development workshop that Zach Heiden is organizing (see Lance)
November 9: Alex (best practices on thesis writing for MS and PhD theses)
November 16: Lance (research update)
November 30: Will (comparisons of doing DFT calculations of molecules versus periodic systems)
December 7: Ernesto (sensitivity of different spectroscopic measurements to changes in speciation as it relates to the EFRC)