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Department of Chemistry Aurora Clark Group

Nitesh Kumar





Clark Group:

Delta Project :

Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry), 2022, Washington State University, Pullman, WA
M.S. (Physical Chemistry), 2017, University of Delhi, New-Delhi, India
B.S. (Chemistry), 2015, St. Stephen’s College, New-Delhi, India

I am interested in the intersection of interfacial chemistry of fluids, nuclear chemistry, and computer science. My first research focus was the molecular simulation of biopolymers(protein-water interactions), working at UDelhi. Since then, I am working on separation and solvent organization at liquid/liquid interfaces in general and developing tools to do so from computer science and chemistry. These topics include classical molecular dynamics simulations, ab-initio molecular dynamics and state of art topological network analysis using graph theory. In the future, I am interested in translating my knowledge and skills into separation chemistry and energy applications working at Washington State University.


  1. Kumar, Nitesh, Michael J. Servis, Zhu Liu, and Aurora Evelyn Clark. “Competitive Interactions at Electrolyte/Octanol Interfaces—A Molecular Perspective.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2020).