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Department of Chemistry Aurora Clark Group


Top Picture: Yasaman received the Harold W. Dodgen outstanding graduate seminar award from professor Hipps.


Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry), 2014, Washington State University, Pullman, WA
M.S. (Physical Chemistry), 2008, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran
B.S. (Chemistry), 2005, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran

Currently I am investigating the structural properties of water and hexane at the interface in the absence and presence of Tributyl phosphate and its degradation products. Tributyl phosphate is a common extractant in PUREX process. Using molecular dynamic simulation and Complex Network Analysis, I will be able to probe the effect of hydrophobicity on interfacial properties such as interfacial tension and order parameter.

1. Ghadar, Y.; Clark, A. E. Coupled-cluster, Moller-Plesset (MP2), density-fitted local MP2, ans DFT Examination of the Energetic and Structural Features of Hydrophobic Solvation, J. Chem. Phys. 2012, 136, 054305. Link to Article

2. Ghadar, Y.; Clark, A. E. “Intermolecular Network Analysis of the Liquid and Vapor Interfaces of Pentane and Water: Microsolvation Does Not Trend with Interfacial Properties”, PCCP, 2014,16, 12475.

3. Ghadar, Y.; Christensen S.; Clark A. E. Role of Aqueous Ionic Strength Upon Liquid:Liquid Interfacial Structure, Special Issue of Fluid Phase Equilibria, invited paper, submitted.

4. Ghadar, Y.; Parmar, P.; Samuels, A.; Clark, A. E. Solutes at the Liquid:Liquid Phase Boundary – Solubility and Solvent Conformational Response Alter Interfacial Microsolvation Reactions, Journal of Chemical Physics, 2015, 142, 104707.

1. Ghadar, Y.; Clark, A. E. “Examination of Energetics and Structural Features of Hydrophobic Solvation”, Fall 2011 ACS National Meeting, Aug-28-Sep1 Denver, Colorado (ppt and recorded

2. Ghadarghadr, Y.; Clark, A. E. “Study of Hydrophobic Interactions of Neopentane/n-Pentane With Water” Summer 2010, Regional (NORM/RMRM) Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Pullman, June 21- 23, 2010 (Talk)

3. Washington State University, Department of Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Seminar Series, 2008-2011(Talk)